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Unlocking the insights to leverage your data’s full potential  

This comprehensive 2-day interactive masterclass takes your skills in Power BI and data analytics to the next level, with a special focus on AI integration. Starting with a refresher on Power Query and data modelling, the course delves into how artificial intelligence can enhance data reporting and analytics.   


Attendees will learn best practices for reducing errors and maintaining reliable data, along with techniques for seamlessly publishing and sharing reports through Power BI Apps, PowerPoint, and Excel. The course demystifies the complexities of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), and even explores how AI can assist in writing DAX code, thus enriching your reports further.   


Packed with hands-on exercises and practical challenges, the course equips you to create dynamic, data-rich reports while automating and optimising your analytics workflow.  


Join us to expand your skills, discover new ones and learn how to extract the full value of your data to create reports with maximum impact.   

Half Open Laptop

Attendees will need to bring their laptop and must already have the latest version of Power BI Desktop installed before they arrive for the training course.

Power BI Desktop available at:

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